Combined with ancient Korean language “ORU”(Perfection) and “JENA”(Myself), “ORJENA” is made to provide all the people who wants to be a “Perfect”.
It combines only the advantages of oil and water formulations, giving a soft touch to the skin for a long time to keep skin bright and flawless. Containing natural ingredients with excellent moisturizing & elasticity effect, it provides moisture and nutrition to the skin at the same. Its low molecular weight oil gives long-lasting effect.
Rose Water & Green Tea Face Mist (Full of vitality, Skin Elasticity): Provence rose water obtained by steam distillation gives vitality to dry skin.
Multivitamin Glow Face Mist (Smooth& Glowing Skin, Clean Skin): Raspberry,Rubuscoreanus (bokbunja), and blueberry extracts prevent skin oxidation and moisturizes the skin with powerful moisturizing and antioxidant effects.
Aloe & Cactus Water Face Mist (hydrating, moisturizing): Aloe ingredients keep skin moisturized, Cactus and saccharides are strongly bound to keratin in the stratum corneum to prevent dryness and help strengthen skin barrier function.
Hydra Soothing Intensive Serum (Skin Moisturizing Effect): Triple hyaluronic acid and minerals supply moisture deeply to the skin, while Sulfur softening extract inhibitsnitric oxideformation and makes skin moist.
Power Collagen Intensive Serum (Skin Regeneration, Anti-Aging): EGF (Skin Regeneration Factor) and Collagen ingredients help for skin regeneration. Ginseng Extract helps to keep skin hydrated and moisturized while keeping it moist and elastic.
Rose Calming Intensive Serum (Clean Skin &Skin Regeneration): Triple hyaluronic acid and rose water hydrate deeply into the skin, while vitamins and minerals make the skin moist and flawless.
Vitamin C Bright Intensive Serum (Skin Whitening, Inflammation Relief): Vitamin B ingredient Niacinamide and multivitamin inhibits melanin pigmentation and reduce the skin inflammation.
Velmet type lipstick gives your lips a pure colour with a smooth and even texture. This is matt on the outside but still doesn’t dry out lips inside. Specially treated powder capsules give a silky fit and provides wonderful colour vibrancy.
Aloe VeraLeaf contains Vitamin E, Cand minerals that helps moisturize your skin.
Snail mucus gives vitality to damaged skin and balances moisture maintaining a healthy skin.
A high nutrition mask that contains vitamins E, C, B3, B5 and B6. Soft sheet allows the skin to breathe comfortably, and the smooth fiber surface has a softer texture than silk, that causesnon-irritation at all, so that it can be used safely on sensitive skin too.
Five colors with natural and smooth texture that you can choose from are perfect for creating every day with a new color. This is the perfect for people who prefer an alternative to lipstick as this is a colored lip balm. It provides a nice shine and moisture the lips. Stays on quite for a while. The texture melts on the lips as soon as you apply it.
Orjena Witch Hazel & Tea Tree Cleansing Oil - Cornflower extract can help to calm the red and irritated skin. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe sensitive skin. It can protect against free radicals and prevents oxidative damage to the skin.
Orjena Rose & Coconut Cleansing Oil - Provence rose flower extract revitalizes the skin while making it look brighter. It maintains skin moisture by forming a protective layer on dry skin. Coconut fruit extract moisturizes dry skin and relieves dead skin cells. Vitamins contained in coconuts help prevent the aging by preventing antioxidant activity.
Orjena Smile 365 Day Cleansing Foam
ROSE - A component obtained by steam distillation of flowers of Western Roses soothes and revitalizes your skin comfortably, making it soft and healthy.
Grapefruit - It contains high moisture content and abundant vitamin C, which is excellent in the anti-oxidation effect. It also smoothes and revitalizes the skin, helping to maintain it healthy and radiant.
TUMERIC & VITAMIN C - Curcumin component is contained to help prevent inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It protects the skin from free radicals that cause skin aging and cleanses the pores smoothly without any irritation.
BANANA - Contains potassium, Carotene and Vitamin C to keep your skin healthy. Prevents skin dryness while maintaining its moisturizing properties.